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About Inf4College

Inf4College was founded in 2012 to help high school students achieve their college goals, finding the best college for them to thrive, a plan to position themselves to get in, and the best financial option to pay for it.

We work with your goals and interests to develop criteria for successful college applications, create timelines, and research the wide variety of university requirements.

This time consuming and necessary route to the university, although very rewarding, can also be extremely stressful for you and your Parents, Inf4College is here to give you the confident you need as a student and the peace of mind your parent need to make this process a positive experience.

Our Mission Stament

Inf4College mission is to provide students and their parents with the information and tools needed to complete the college application process in a successful manner. By empowering students to make their own decisions, we strive to make certain that our students are not only ready to send in their applications, they are confident the universities chosen are right for them.

It's about relationships:

We believe the student and Inf4College have to "click" and that everyone – parents, student, and us needs to feel comfortable from the start. Our service is designed to involve everyone in ways that are both productive and healthy.

Our Commitment to our Community

Inf4College Seminars, our community service initiative, is part of our mission. It offers free educational workshops thought the year to parents and students, especially to Hispanic Community in Katy, Texas to help them to Understand the process and the importance to start early for the Best results.

About Inf4College